Experience the art & science of holistic medicine through crystal healing

Loraine offers crystal therapy treatments and tarot card treatments from her therapy room in Hove.

  • Crystal Shop

    Visit our onlineshop! We deliver worldwide.

  • Tarot Readings

    Every card tells its own story and each story is interpreted according to its position in the layout. Its always fascinating to pull the whole story together to make sense of what is happening in your life at the moment and see what guidance the cards are offering.

  • Crystal Healing

    Crystals can connect to the deepest level of a person’s being to energise and rebalance the body, creating a state of harmony and well-being. The natural healing qualities of crystals are guided to make the relevant repairs to your energy.

  • Hypnotherapy

    Change old (undesirable) habits like nail-biting, smoking, irrational fears and anxiety by entering a state of deep relaxation whilst at the same time maintaining clear focus. 


    It is great for improving stress-related illnesses like IBS and migraine.


How do I choose the right crystal for me?

It is said that we don’t choose crystals; they choose us!  So be intuitive and choose a crystal that sparkles at you!   Individual stones have their own vibration and the crystal that chooses you has a vibration that matches yours. Very often a person will pick up a stone and say, ”my wrist/spine/tummy has gone cold!” and then remember an old injury.  This indicates that the crystal energy is matching the person’s vibration by seeking and locating the gaps and blocks in their energy, and repairing them.

You can use logic and read information about the various crystal and what they are used for, and choose one according to your needs and symptoms. This is particularly useful when choosing a stone for someone else.

Try holding a variety of different stones and seeing what reaction you get. Typically the stone (which is actually room temperature) will feel icy cold, hot, tingly, too heavy or too light. These reactions indicate that the stones are affecting your energy.

Hold a stone against the parts of you that hurt, or put it on the ground between your feet, or on your lap, and be aware of how it feels. Different people have completely different reactions to different stones, so I strongly recommend that you experiment. For example, I find that if I place a haemetite tumblestone on the floor between my feet, the soles of my feel feel icy-tingly. A rutilated quartz tumblestone in my palm sends electrical-type tingles up my wrists. See for yourself how crystals affect you!

  • The shop

    I love visiting Loraine’s shop in the Open Market. Whenever I head into town, I make sure I stop in to see all of the lovely crystals. My two daughters like to come with me – they buy all their friend’s birthday presents there. It’s a beautiful shop and Loraine is so helpful with information about the crystals and crystal healing. She also always makes us feel welcome to have a little browse.

    Sarah, Brighton

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  • Crystal Healing

    Loraine treated me recently as I wanted to experience a crystal healing. The treatment was a very relaxing experience, with knee pain, shoulder pain and stress disappearing as a result.  Loraine is very knowledgeable and professional and knows just what to do... the crystals do the rest! I would definitely recommend giving this a try.  

    Mandy, Brighton

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  • Tarot

    The tarot reading I received from Loraine was one of the most spot on readings I’ve had. I wanted some clarity before a big life decision, and it really helped. I like that Loraine helped guide me through interpreting the cards, but she didn’t insist on what they meant. Rather, she let me come to an understanding for myself. I would definitely recommend going to Loraine for a tarot reading.

    Jenny, Brighton

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