Loraine is interested in investigating illnesses by looking at what is going on and has gone on in peoples’ lives.  It’s interesting to consider how our physical body is affected by life circumstances and events.  When our body hurts, do we think it may be connected to the way we are dealing with challenging events?

Does your throat dry up when you want to say something?  Do you have a sudden sweat when you’re nervous?  Or a headache when you’re stressed? Imagine the impact on our bodies as they have to repeatedly assimilate and respond to challenging situations.

Because in this lifetime we have a physical body and reside in this physical world, it is easy to forget that this is part of a spiritual journey.  In crystal therapy, when our physical body hurts, we look to the spiritual part of ourselves for answers, then repair the physical from the outside (energy field) in.


About Loraine

Have you ever felt that something is completely familiar, even though you know you’ve never done it before?  That’s just how it felt when I picked up a crystal 20 years ago.  That energetic icy feeling that I felt in my entire arm seemed very familiar, as though I had already held a quartz many times.  It also seemed perfectly natural to use crystals to repair human energy.

After that first experience I attended a 2 year course and qualified with a Diploma in Crystal Healing Therapy in 1998.  I have practiced ever since and achieved  often remarkable results treating a wide range of illness, from gout to anxiety to back pain.

Crystals are my life.  I’m very excited about sharing the knowledge and joy of working with crystals in groups and courses.  These include meditations and dowsing training, as well as tuition on how to see and feel human auras as well as crystal energy.



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