How to clean your crystals

Crystals need regular cleaning. This is because their energy field, like ours, is sensitive to the energetic environment and can accumulate energy unconducive to harmony and health. If crystals are not regularly cleansed, they will store the negativity picked up from our energy fields, and actually feed it back to us. This is why it 's so important to keep their energy clear and fresh. With experience of handling crystals, you will feel immediately if they require cleansing. Always clean a crystal when you first bring it home and after using it for healing or meditation. Cleanse crystal jewellery and stones that dislike salt or water by placing on an amethyst cluster.




  • Place in a bowl of sea salt or rock salt dissolved in water for about an hour
  •  Bury in the earth overnight
  • Hold the crystal under running water and visualise white light running through it
  • Breathe or blow on your crystal and visualise all negative energy leaving it
  • Burn frankincense or sage to smoke out negativity
  • Put on a windowsill to be cleansed by sunshine or gentle moonlight
  • Place the crystal on an amethyst cluster for at least an hour (then give the amethyst cluster a salt bath every week)

    Note that some stones dislike salt or water, or both, eg malachite, calcite, selenite, gypsum, kyanite, jade, lapis lazuli.