Crystal Energies

Amazonite is soothing and calming for the brain and nervous system. Helps you to see both sides of a problem or different points of view. Helps and encourages you to find the positive sides of all situations. Encourages expectations of successful outcomes to problems because of its uplifting vibrations.

Amethyst is generally known to transmute lower energies by rejecting unproductive or unkind vibrations.  It is a protector that creates a feeling of serenity during difficult periods. Great for insomnia because it calms the mind and gives prevention of nightmares. 

Ametrine contains the energies of amethyst and citrine, it is a natural balancer of mental stability and self confidence. Like amethyst, it will help you pull away from addictions and other unwanted habits. It is helpful in raising spiritual awareness and amplifying innate or latent artistic talents. Ametrine calms the mind by clearing stress & tension from the head. It balances & soothes emotions & relieves depression.

Apricot Agate gives strength both in times of opposition and physically. It is said to increase stamina and relieve stress. Has calm and relaxing vibrations which can aid insomnia. Helps to find the best solution to problems and can be helpful in business.

Aragonite gives you a clear perception of reality. Orange aragonite helps to neutralise anger and low moods, giving a feeling of freedom as well as insight to the root of problems. Light coloured aragonite encourages you to be responsible, open minded, helpful and punctual.  All forms of aragonite will enhance a feeling of self-worth whilst providing insight into the basis of problems, enabling calm & clear solutions.

Bloodstone gives vitality and strength, as well as encouraging passion and courage. It provides protection from bullying & the revitalisation of all relationships. It is also said to bring its holder good fortune, riches & fame.

Blue Chalcedony is demure, subtle & mystic, cool & serene, it feels multi-dimensional at the same time as being solid. It encourages stillness and reverence that is calming & speaks of sprit & trust. It is therefore a fabulous stone to use for meditation because it stimulates the quiet side of your mind to visit peaceful and mystical places.

Blue Kyanite is great for ear, nose & throat problems because it stimulates the throat chakra. This in turn aids communication and self-expression because it helps you to know then speak your own truth. It can also soothe tooth pain. For sinusitis lay down & place two pieces, one on each side, of the nose. Aids meditation.

 Blue Lace Agate is helpful when you need to communicate clearly or when you have difficulty making yourself heard. It gives confidence & articulation when you need to share your truth. It also helps you to find and know your truth when you are bombarded by other peoples’ opinions. It can neutralise anger because of its calming properties. Place a stone in a glass of water & sip to aid sore throats or benefit from its energy.

Brecciated Jasper is an uplifting stone that provides mental clarity so giving more accurate meaning to unfolding events. A stone of strength and vitality that is also nurturing. Clears blockages in the base and sacral chakras, allowing your energy to flow more freely. For organisation and time management. 

Carnelian is an uplifting stone which helps to settle emotional and appetite issues. It is great for balancing womens’ hormones and helps to stabilise menstrual cycles. It gives a warm feeling in the tummy and makes bearable emotional problems like sadness & depression.

Chariote is a stone of transformation so is useful during times of change.  It transmutes negative energy into healing by reducing stress and worry whilst stimulating and regulating the blood pressure and heart rate. An aid to raising your vibration, especially useful for healers by helping them to adjust their bodies to receive higher frequency energy. Gives protection from psychic attack and other negative vibrations.

Cherry Blossom Agate is warming, calming & nurturing & is extremely soothing after recent trauma or stress. It affects all chakras to some extent, clearing discomfort and blockages. 

Chrysocolla re-energises all the chakras, increasing your capacity to love. Encourages spiritual growth and psychic awareness. Draws out negativity and helps you to overcome phobias and unreasonable fears that may have been holding you back. Can be used to purify a place or improve the atmosphere of a room. 

Citrine attracts abundance and helps you to spend wisely, whilst dissipating and transmuting negative energy. Great for a quick uplift in times of stress or confusion. It aids in attainment of mental discipline. A good stone to carry at business meetings that involve negotiation.

Clear Quartz is the most versatile crystal because its colour encompasses the whole rainbow. It will amplify body energy & thoughts, is energising, encouraging & stimulating. Use it when you need clarity & confidence. Holding this stone can be a real confidence booster and give an awareness of infinite possibilities.

Dalmatian Jasper encourages a sense of playfulness and joy and is suitable for a person with an analytical mind or serious attitude to life. It has a calming influence which reminds the wearer of their innocent selves. Helps you release anger or inner hurt. Aligns the physical, emotional and mental bodies with the etheric realm.

Desert Rose helps you to stand your ground during discussions or negotiations and gives mental clarity. It also helps you to confront hardships. Supports you in committing to a project & overcoming obstacles.  Gives a gentle reminder of who you really are and supports you in your journey to realise your dreams.

Dumortierite is a stone of support, as it helps with those who may feel less than confident in thought & idea. It also assists in staying true & in standing up for oneself. It also supports calmness and patience when in challenging situations. It helps you to put your thoughts and ideas into words and helps you to feel confident about the natural order of the universe.

Emerald is the stone of successful love. It opens & nurtures the heart & heart chakra. It installs sensitivity & loyalty & assists in attaining domestic bliss and happy faithful relationships. It helps to combine intelligence with discernment. It also represents vitality and new beginnings. A soothing energy that generates freshness and vitality that will enhance and activate creative activities. 

Fish Tail Selenite, also known as Angel Wings Selenite, it gives deep healing to the nervous system. It is calming for the emotions because it helps to release tension. It aids manifestation and is good to use in times of change because it is stabilising and aligning. Selenite is for clarity of the mind & expanding your awareness of yourself & your surroundings. Can provide insight into issues when astute judgement is required.

Fluorite anchors intuitive insights into the physical plane because it grounds spiritual energy then helps you rediscover the path of happiness. It is also helpful with decision making and encourages positivity. It is a good stone to carry if you are suffering from an infection because it is calming.

Green Aventurine attracts luck, abundance and success. It will loosen and release negativity whilst clearing energy blockages. It also helps to increase intelligence, perception & creativity whilst calming anxiety and other negative emotions. It can also be used for neutralising electromagnetic pollution.

 Haemetite Hold this stone for anxiety; it is great for "grounding" and comforting you. Good for travel-sickness, shock and dizziness. Place it between your feet when you sit down; this will connect you to the earths’ energies, bringing you properly into the physical. The feeling of not being grounded is what causes anxiety. Haemetite also aids digestive systems.

Iron Pyrite is a stone of action, willpower and commitment. It is said to protect you when doing dangerous work. It encourages you to tap into your potential and help you work with determination and confidence.

 Labradorite gets you organised and puts you in the right place at the right time.  Helps you to understand your destiny whilst keeping the aura free from energy leaks. This helps you have faith in your intuition and trust that the universe will support you. Helps you to advance without constraint.

 Lapis Lazuli helps you to find your perfection & aids in your search for clarity & objectivity. For activating & energising the throat & brow chakras plus lowering blood pressure. It encourages the wearer to see the positive side of all situations and relationships and make a success of things.

Lemon Chrysoprase creates a bridge when moving into a new phase of life so is useful during times of change. Encourages and enhances creativity and gives an awareness of being part of the Universal whole, giving a safe feeling of fitting in.

Leopardskin Jasper keeps you grounded when you’re not at home and opens your mind and helps you to feel comfortable in varying surroundings. A good stone to carry when you’re travelling because it’s great for increasing self confidence and self esteem generally. Helps you to make contact and communicate with the animal Kingdoms.

Lepidolite is refreshing & transformative. It is a mineral for times of transition so is good when changes are happening in your life. It can also be used for stress reduction & is calming when placed on the brow chakra. Wonderfully calming when placed on the brow chakra because you can feel the calming energy spreading across the whole forehead.

Limestone and Garnet is good for the heart & fortifying the immune system. Use it to increase vitality and personal power. It helps to bring our ideas of attraction into reality & is therefore a stone for manifesting. It can also help in changing old unwanted habits and behaviours and replacing them with more apt attitudes and expectations.

Malachite guards against radiation and electromagnetic pollutants. Helps to heal deep-routed traumas and attunes to spiritual guidance because it opens the heart to receiving spiritual love. Brings energy and focus to new ideas and situations by stopping old reactions getting in the way. 

Mookaite is supportive in times of stress and makes you feel whole and properly connected to the earth. It is helpful with decision making because it encourages versatility and an open mind. It is useful in times of transition and can connect us to our true inner selves. It has an invigorating frequency of strength & vitality

Moonstone stabilises the emotions and creates a sense of calm. Associated with Divine feminine energy like intuition, compassion and psychic abilities. Encourages depth of feeling, fertility and love.

Moss Agate connects you to the earths’ energies. It is a stone of new beginnings that improves our interaction with the external world. It helps us to fit in to our surroundings and be ourselves within the environment. It also provides communication between the plant & mineral kingdoms.  Can also be used for planetary healing.

 Mother of Pearl is a powerful symbol of good luck & prosperity. Enhances communication skills, guiding you to express yourself in a more effective way. It invites you to use your inner wisdom and do everything with heart & intellect.

Peridot is a crystal of creative power that honours the frequency of love; the source of all abundance. It helps to expand one's ability to receive from the universe on all levels of life. It will boost and encourage all kinds of creativity and has an uplifting quality.

Petrified Wood is the stone to help you establish deep roots and connect to the earths’ energies. Great for feeling strong and grounded and safe. Helps you to work out the best solutions for problems and gives you patience when waiting for results or responses. Place it under or between your feet when you sit down and feel those roots!

Picture jasper can give you a strong connection to who you really are. It can show you where you have been and offer guidance for a content and stable future. Helps connect you to the earths’ energies. so is great during the healing process. Also helps to alleviate fear and point you in the right direction.

Prasiolite can be carried for self-acceptance and a sense of honour, strengthening your will power and clarifying your view of events. It is uplifting and when worn with other stones, will emphasise their energy.

Prehnite works directly on the problem in “the here and now”. It is a calming balancer that helps to clear the effects of trauma & illness whilst helping to fight infection. It works by helping you solve and then recover from deep fears, making you understand traumas better and be less overwhelming.

Red Jasper is grounding & settling, this stone will attune you to the earths' energies. Helps to rectify unjust situations and assists in helping one to learn to progress in life. It is calming and reassuring, giving strength and making you feel safe.  It can be helpful for dream recollection.

Rhodocrosite, "The stone of the Compassionate Heart", it brings true joy to one's life, heals old wounds & makes it possible to love oneself & others unconditionally. It opens the heart, lifts depression & encourages a cheerful outlook whilst integrating physical and spiritual energies. The mineral kingdom’s anti-biotic – place a tumblestone in water and sip to aid healing of infections.

Rhodonite is a stone of compassion that clears emotional wounds & scars from the past, nurturing love. It stimulates the heart in cases of self-destruction, co-dependency & abuse. Attracts love and light into your life. It has a strong soothing energy that restores all kinds of depleted health issues. it heals emotional wounds and attracts and nurtures love. Ultimately it will aid you in achieving your highest potential because it works with the heart chakra.

Rose Quartz, "The love stone" can strengthen a romantic relationship and bring harmony to all relationships because it encourages love without conditions. It brings clarity to the emotions and gentle release from trauma. Soothing to put under the pillow when you go to sleep.

Ruby in Zoistite can be used to help you feel empathy for others as well as in tune with yourself, enabling you to manifest ideas. It connects your brain & heart and stimulates feelings of happiness & appreciation that fight feelings of sadness or depression. It will encourage you to seek the Higher good in all situations. It is sometimes called Anyolite.

Rutilated Quartz is a stabilising stone that intensifies the power of the quartz that contains the rutile.  It repels negative energy & brings strength with love. It draws off negative energy by helping you let go of the past. Said to connect all 114 chakras in your body to the Divine because of its electrical properties.

Shungite dissipates electro-magnetic emissions from electrical grids, computers, cellphones, wifi & other electronic man-made devices. Can also be used to purify water, removing any radioactive compounds. In people it is said to reduce inflammation and emotional stress,

Smokey Quartz. Holding this stone will relieve tension, replacing it with calmness & a feeling that everything is OK. A strong sedative energy that brings stability and promotes positive action, alleviating sadness and anxiety.

Snowflake Obsidian helps you to keep centred & focussed in any type of chaotic situation. Can draw emotions to the surface & examine harmful thought patterns. A stone of purity. Helps to rid your body of toxins, allowing your energy to flow freely. It helps you see light within dark areas and offer hope and opportunity. It can represent rebirth.

Snow Quartz supports you whilst you're learning lessons & helps you let go of overwhelming responsibilities & limitations. Enhances cooperation & tact & helps you to think before you speak. A stone of good luck that can open new doors of opportunity and keep you alert to recognise them.

Sodalite is a powerful stone for balancing emotions & metabolism. It is helpful for soothing ear, nose or throat problems if you hold or place it on the painful area. It can also be used to help bring logical conclusions to problems because it promotes rational thought and a keen sense of what is true. Can be used to calm panic attacks and give the wearer a sense of self trust.

Sunstone brings joy & positive feelings into your life because it embodies the warmth, strength & openness of the sun. It is helpful when creating boundaries in relationships because it teaches you to know yourself better. It also assists in lightbody development & awakens cosmic consciousness.

Tigers Eye is a protective stone that helps with complex situations & focusses the mind by dispelling fear. Aids an overworked mind while reminding you to "keep an eye out" for things that need your attention. A great aid for helping to concentrate during meditation.

Tourmalinated Quartz cleanses the aura and helps to integrate & heal unhelpful gloomy thought patterns. It aids the release of outworn habits & re-establishes energetic flow & emotional clarity. It has the combined qualities of clear quartz and tourmaline and will shield against intrusions of all kinds.

Tree Agate is used to bring abundance and upliftment to all areas of life whilst also having a calming influence. Connects you to the earths’ energies and encourages growth and fresh ideas. Strengthens all relationships and promotes goodwill and an open mind.

Turquoise aids communication and meditation on all levels. A healer of the spirit which provides a soothing energy and brings peace. Used by native American Indians as a protective stone & a bestower of goodness. It represents wisdom, tranquillity and enduring love.

Unakite brings emotions and spirituality together, connecting you to Universal Love. A crystal of healing and vision that also provides grounding, connecting you to the earths’ energies.

White Onyx purifies negativity and clears anxiety and sadness. Keeps you centred and focussed, increasing your capacity to retain information and strengthen your memory. It is said to help you find your ideal partner.

Yellow Aventurine brings a sense of completeness & tranquillity because it absorbs all types of negative energy.  It also offers protection from other peoples’ negative emotions and will hold & support you during times of stress. It can be used to relax the solar plexus area during stressful periods. It can also help with dream recall.

Yellow Jasper is a nurturing stone that can help to reduce pain. It is also used for wisdom and courage. It will guide and protect you on all kinds of journeys, both in the physical and astral planes. A good stone to carry during stressful times because it boosts self-confidence.

Zebra Jasper stimulates physical energy & increases stamina & endurance. Helpful for people who are included to suffer from apathy because it encourages us to enjoy and find usefulness in every moment and situation. It can aid bone disorders, heart palpitations & muscle spasms. Gives a strong connection to Mother Earth & the never-ending flow of universal love.

Zoistite increases its owners’ happiness. It gets rid of anxiety or fear that blocks happiness. It activates the body's defence healing mechanisms. Useful for restoring vitality after illness. Encourages you to return to your centre and be who you really are and gently draws you to do what you really love doing. Useful after a time where you’ve been in a confined situation that you haven’t been able to be yourself.