Crystal Healing Treatments

During a crystal healing treatment your individual needs are assessed and the natural healing qualities of crystals are guided to make the relevant repairs to your energy.  Crystals can connect to the deepest level of a person’s being to energise and rebalance the body, creating a state of harmony and well-being. They can also have a very dynamic physical effect.

Loraine will look at the physical body in conjunction with the emotional and mental faculties.  A treatment starts with a consultation that seeks the origin of an illness.  Simply by  looking at what was happening in a persons life when the illness started, it is as though the healing process is given permission to commence.  By sensitive analysis and a certain amount of lateral thinking, we can be pointed in the right direction to begin the healing process.

A dowsing pendulum is used to select crystals that resonate with the individual person.  The stones are placed on the body (you remain fully clothed) and the chakras (energy points) become balanced during the treatment.  She uses a variety of crystal layouts to repair gaps and dark spots in the energy field.  Her focus is then on repairing the presenting issue.  At the end of a treatment people typically feel relaxed, refreshed and clear-headed.

Most people can feel the sensations of crystals being worked in their energy field.  It is usually described as feeling like a pleasant cool breeze, warmth or tingling.

Treatments take around 50 minutes.  Because the benefits are accumulative, a course of treatments is encouraged.

Price: £40 or £200 for a course of 6 treatments