How crystal healing works

Crystals have a fixed rate of vibration that is determined by their individual atomic structure and colour. Human energy in comparison, varies enormously as it responds to our moods and emotions.  The stable energy of crystals is used in therapy to regulate our energy.

As our energy fluctuates, so do our chakras.   These are vortexes in our energy field that draw energy into our physical bodies.  Placing crystals on and around the chakras restores them to their perfect frequency.  Each chakra feeds energy to a subtle body in our energy field.  We can therefore balance the subtle bodies by balancing the chakras.

We tend to react to unpleasant circumstances by blocking our feelings; this immediately stops a great deal of our natural energy flow.  The development and maturation of the chakras is then affected, resulting in a disconnected mind/body/spirit connection.

Illness occurs when our subtle bodies repeatedly go out of balance or frequency, resulting in a state of disharmony or dis-ease.  By correcting the frequencies we can bring about health and harmony.  The subtle bodies are the “missing link” between biology, physical medicine and psychotherapy.  They are the “place” where all emotions, thoughts, memories and behaviour patterns are held in time and space.  All of these feelings that we discuss so endlessly and tirelessly are held in our energy field.