Did you know that the brain cannot tell the difference between something vividly imagined and something that is real?

By entering a state of deep relaxation whilst at the same time maintaining clear focus, it is possible to instruct the brain with new information to change old (undesirable) habits like nail-biting, smoking, irrational fears and anxiety reactions.  It is great for improving stress-related illnesses like IBS and migraine.

Please note that is not possible for a hypnotist to persuade people to violate their own values or make anyone do anything they don’t want to do. In fact, the client can terminate the process at any time.  It is also not possible to be hypnotized to do anything that is irreversible.


This requires a 1-off, 2 hour session.  The first hour is mainly taken up by us chatting about smoking and you considering then answering lots of questions about when and where you usually smoke.  We also analyse what feelings trigger your need for a cigarette. Happiness? Frustration? Anger? We develop alternative activities to replace smoking (these can be remarkably simple, like taking a slow, deep breath). There are long tick lists to fill in so that we can fine-tune exactly what to put in your exclusive hypnosis script.

We then get you comfortable and relaxed as we work through the script, with us both knowing that you won’t want a cigarette afterwards and won’t miss smoking.  It will be gone from your life and instead of wanting a cigarette you will experience a feeling of freedom and of being in control of your life.

Price: £80



This is a relaxing experience and a session takes 1 hour. We will talk about your emotional background and what you think causes the stress or anxiety and when you first experienced that feeling. 

We then get you comfortable and relaxed as we work through a series of relaxing and imaginative scenarios, replacing the stress triggers with a feeling of being relaxed and in control of your life.

Price: £40