Tarot Card Readings


Welcome to the wonderful and exciting world of tarot card readings for guidance! Every card tells it's own story and each story is interpreted according to its position in the layout. Its always fascinating (and accurate!) to pull the whole story together to make sense of what is happening in your life at the moment and see what guidance the cards are offering.

For instance, are you juggling the 2 of Pentacles? Keeping all the balls in the air at once whilst turning your back on the stormy waters? Or embracing a new opportunity that the Ace of Cups is offering? Is the World at your feet or the Sun inviting you to take a less sophisticated, more childlike view of things? (See the cards in the photo).

Every card offers guidance and there are no “bad” cards. The Death card, for example, indicates that necessary changes need to occur to create space for new opportunities. 

Readings are for guidance only – they do not predict the future!

Price: Half Hour £20