Such a lovely and vital shop that really made an impression on me. It's great how you have a kit for pretty much every aspect of human character so it really focusses the attention to the stones. Asha,Tonbridge


I love visiting Loraine’s shop in the Open Market. Whenever I head into town, I make sure I stop in to see all of the lovely crystals. My two daughters like to come with me – they buy all their friend’s birthday presents there. It’s a beautiful shop and Loraine is so helpful with information about the crystals and crystal healing. She also always makes us feel welcome to have a little browse. Sarah, Brighton


Just went to the market and this stall is so lovely open, airy, inviting, and safe! What can not be seen in this picture was the extra table, that would be behind you if you'd be taking this picture, with great crystal gift sets.  All properly documented as to what stones are included and benefits to be had.  Great way to shop!  Astrid, Brighton


We have visited The Crystal Therapy shop on our visit to Brighton before and its such a joy, Loraines passion for what she does shines through.  Sally, Northamptonshire



The crystals are top notch and the online shop is really easy to navigate Asha, Tonbridge

The website has been great during lockdown, with lovely gifts ordered for birthdays and also for myself!  Everything comes well packaged, promptly and there is such a wide variety of things to choose from. So pleased with all of the items I've purchased - I would highly recommend. Sally, Northamptonshire


Crystal Healing

I felt incredibly calm and collected after my crystal healing session with Loraine. I could definitely feel energy moving through me during the treatment. Afterwards, I felt grounded and prepared to face whatever the day brought. It made my mind more peaceful. Jenny, Brighton


I had a very positive experience with crystal therapy and would definitely go back again. My bones ached less for a good week. I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and I felt the crystal therapy was very beneficial.  Kerry, Brighton


I have had a crystal treatment today for a back and knee problem, I find my back is less painful and I am walking a lot better after just one treatment, I feel very relaxed and less stressed after the treatment, I would recommend Loraine for her professionalism and care, I would definitely carry on with this treatment. Linda, Roehampton


I drove 80 miles for 4 treatments to receive treatments for my back, neck and shoulders, with very successful results.  Also at that time,  my high blood pressure came down when i was on the verge of taking medication for it, and it has remained "normal" ever since.  Robert, Worcestershire


I had my first consultation with Loraine when I was in a lot of pain with my foot.  Having been unsuccessfully treated by general medicine, I decided to try crystal healing.  To my surprise Loraine got rid of the pain, which has never returned.  I went for further sessions for arthritis and back pain and I no longer take the anti-inflamatory drug that I used to take daily.  I always carry a malachite stone on my person.  Judie, Northampton


When I first met Loraine I suffered from agoraphobia and terrible anxiety attacks.  After a few treatments I attended her crystal healing course and now enjoy a full time job and socialising.  The pain from my husband's gout went overnight after just one treatment.  Penny, Northampton


I am a long term sufferer of back and neck pains, caused due to mild scoliosis. I have now had a couple of treatments by Loraine and have never felt better. I only wish I had found her sooner! Highly recommended to all.  Annalisa, Brighton


When the crystals were close to my head I could hear a ringing thing. I could hear it but not like sound. I’m not sure if it was because my mind was blank and I wasn’t thinking of anything. When the crystals were pointing to my feet I could feel energy being fed into my feet. At one point I could see a breeze coming out of the crystals. Afterwards my legs felt all relaxed and floppy, like after yoga but I hadn’t done yoga. I think its very interesting how crystals can be fed into my body. The stone on my throat felt really ice cold. It felt a bit wet.  Tae (10 years old)


Loraine treated me recently as I wanted to experience a crystal healing. The treatment was a very relaxing experience, with knee pain, shoulder pain and stress disappearing as a result.  Loraine is very knowledgeable and professional and knows just what to do... the crystals do the rest! I would definitely recommend giving this a try.  Mandy, Brighton



I went to see Loraine over 2 years ago to see if she could help me to finally quit smoking. I had managed to cut right down but I kept going back to it and was worried it would turn into a heavy habit again. I had had hypnosis before and it hadn't worked so I wasn't sure that it would with Loraine, but when I talked to her about it I was inspired by her confidence and belief that she could help me.
My experience with Loraine was completely different from my first experience. Loraine spent a considerable amount of time before the actual hypnosis chatting to me and finding out about my particular habit - the things that triggered me and the root cause of the habit. I feel she was then able to use this information during the hypnosis to re-program my brain and to take away my belief that a needed to smoke in certain situations / times.
Since then I haven't smoked and I haven't missed it. When I used to try and quit before I used to look with envy at the smokers going outside and wished I could join them. Loraine got me to explore why this was and now I just feel a little sad for people still trapped in the cycle. I never thought this would be the case!
I think one of the reasons why Loraine is successful is that you really feel that she is completely committed to helping you. She shared her story of being an ex-smoker herself with me and I really believed that she wanted to and was going to be able to help me.
I would recommend Loraine to anyone currently still smoking. Life on the otherside is so much better!  Aimee, Brighton


Tarot Reading

The tarot reading I received from Loraine was one of the most spot on readings I’ve had. I wanted some clarity before a big life decision, and it really helped. I like that Loraine helped guide me through interpreting the cards, but she didn’t insist on what they meant. Rather, she let me come to an understanding for myself. I would definitely recommend going to Loraine for a tarot reading. Jenny, Brighton


I had a tarot reading, which was very apt to where I am today. I would recommend. Anita, Brighton


My readings through the Tarot cards by the lovely lady Loraine at The Crystal Therapy Shop have been amazingly accurate, on both occasions my readings have foretold developments that have unfolded and have come true, I am highly recommending Loraine she is amazingly friendly and has the ability to show compassion and honesty in her work, for me it is a pleasure to allow Loraine to read my cards and share the joy letting her know how my future is unfolding after the event has happened. Thank you Loraine. Ben, Hove