Chakra Balance Crystal Healing Kit

Chakra Balance Crystal Healing Kit

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This kit comes in a high quality natural cotton drawstring bag measuring 10 x 15cm.  It contains a laminated instruction card, 2 clear quartz points measuring approx 4-6cm and 8 coloured tumblestones, each measuring approx 2.5-3.5cm. All the crystals are carefully selected for their individual natural healing qualities. Please be aware that the size, colour and shape of each crystal will vary.

To use the kit, lay down, place the tumblestones on your chakras following the rainbow colours from violet on your crown to black beneath your feet (see the instruction card), hold the two quartz, point down in your right hand and point up in your left hand, arms by your sides. Relax and feel the crystal energy tingling and going icy then hot whilst it re-balances your chakras.  Even if you can just manage 10 minutes; you will feel amazing afterwards!