Anxiety Crystal Healing Kit
Anxiety Crystal Healing Kit

Anxiety Crystal Healing Kit

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Have you experienced a feeling of unreasonable fear and anxiety? This crystal healing kit has been created to relieve these frightening feelings.

This crystal healing kit contains 4 tumblestones that have been carefully selected to give you a feeling of calmness and being in control.  They come in a high quality natural cotton drawstring bag measuring 10 x 15cm and a laminated information card and crystal cleansing instruction card are included. 

The stones in this kit are:

Haemetite helps with shock, fear & dizziness

Petrified Wood calms panic whilst grounding you to the earths' energies

Zebra Stone unites your physical & mental bodies

Red Jasper makes you feel safe, content & in control

To use the stones, get to know them individually by simply holding them and noting how they make you feel.  They might feel hot, icy cold, tingly, heavy or light. Keep a stone in your pocket or under your pillow. Enjoy and relax!

Tumblestones measure approximately 3cm across. Because each stone is unique, the size, colour and shapes will vary.